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本模板是关于预告片影视包装调色预设标题动画音效等AE模板合集,大小:2.7 GB,格式:AEP ,分辨率:3840x2160,使用软件版本:AE CC - CC 2019,使用插件:Element 3D v2, Video Copilot SABER,内附使用教程。


AE模板是由After Effects软件生成的一种工程文件,能够渲染出美轮美奂的动画特效,文件中包括音乐、图片、视频、脚本等素材。




视频预览:Trailer Mega Toolkit – is a set of tools that will help you create high quality trailers in no time. It includes: 130 Cinema Quality Titles in 4K resolution of all Genres: Blockbuster, Comedy, Romantic, Sports, Extreme, Film, Awards, Glitch, 80-ies and so on, 5 Pre-made edits, 50 Color Grading Presets, 40 Additional Effects (Grain, Light Leaks, Dust and Scratches, Cropboxes), 20 Sound Effects (Whooshes and Hits)Buy once – get free updates every month: more Titles, Edits, Color Grading Presets, Sound Effects, Grains, Light Leaks.Technical Features:Resolution: 4K, resizable to any sizeDetailed video tutorial course includedAfter Effects CS5 and aboveEasy to use: Drag and Drop Files, Footages, Move, EditElement 3D v2 Required for E3D titlesFree plugin VC Saber Required (Download)Optical Flares is not required, but all the effect controls are included for more flexibilityFont links includedUniversalized expressionsFree updatesModular StructureMulti purposeVideo footages from preview are not includedMusicAudiopizza – Epic Dubstep


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