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本插件是关于BoxCutter超强硬表面建模Blender插件V7.1.0版,大小:1.2 MB,支持Blender 2.79 or 2.8版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

BoxCutter 是 Blender 中非常强大的一款收费插件,着重解决 Blender 多边形建模系统中的硬表面处理。

BoxCutter 的优点非常的明显,在 Blender 建模效率的基础上硬表面的建模更加高效。

通常情况下,效率高意味着要牺牲一部分的质量,但是 BoxCutter 并不是这样,在保证效率的同时,质量也非常的上乘。

无论是影视模型、产品模型、游戏模型都可以在短短的几个小时内完成,不但可以原来创作模型,而且还是一款不可多得的概念设计工具,通过 BoxCutter 可以便捷的对硬表面的武器、飞船等进行概念设计。

视频预览:What makes BoxCutter unique?There are other tools that do this to a basic extent but what sets Boxcutter apart is the ability to create and cut at the same time with minimal user input. This makes the process of cutting for concept quicker than you could have ever imagined. This has allowed us to more creatively manage this gap in the process to allow users to do many different things you can't do anywhere else.What can BoxCutter do?- visually draw and cut using box, circle, and ngon allowing for a bevy of cuts and slices- dynamically bevel / array / solidify in 3d- bevel individual points- grab / rotate / scale shapes in 2d- cut, slice, inset, project cut and- union and subtraction cutting- copy and paste 2d shapes- material cutting via Hard Ops connectivityand much much more.


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