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本插件是关于Archipack建筑archviz流程Blender插件V2.0.9版,大小:6 MB,支持Blender 2.X - 2.80版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

视频预览:"The fastest archviz workflow ever"Blender-Archipack 2.x add-on for blender 2.8+ boost archviz artists productivity by magnitudes.The add-on provide a collection of strong parametric architectural primitives.Built around concepts that are intuitive and easy to master.Realtime on-screen editing interface for even faster, more intuitive object management.Complete and total control of generated objects at any time, down to the most minute details.Objects generated by Blender-Archipack are regular blender meshes, this ensures the highest level of portability and allows rendering on any render-farm.In addition to everything one would expect in a sophisticated archviz solution, Blender-Archipack also possesses a number of important features including material library and powerfull presets management.


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