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本插件是关于Ephere Ornatrix头发毛发3dsmax插件V6.2.0.19732版,大小:190 MB,支持3dsmax 2014 - 2020版软件,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Ephere Ornatrix是一款毛发插件,主要是解决一些头发和头发形状结构的问题,让图像看起来更加的逼真。



不同的渲染要用不同的插件这是常识,如果您经常使用3Dmax渲染软件的话不妨来试试这款Ephere Ornatrix,这是一个毛发插件,能够帮助您解决一些头发和发型结构的渲染效果,Ephere Ornatrix采用的工具完全自动化,使用起来非常简单。

视频预览:Ornatrix for 3ds max is a system designed to solve the problem of creating hair and hair-shaped structures. To achieve this goal it employs a variety of tools and automation to allow the user to work in an easy and intuitive environment.Key features:Procedural hairBuild hair with a set of friendly operatorsStrand groups for non-destructive filteringMultiple dynamics options for all types of simulationFamiliar iterative refinement workflowEasy to use groom preset systemTight 3dsmax integrationWorks within 3dsmax modifier and object frameworkFriendly toolbar for quick startBuilt-in and all 3rd-party renderer supportEasy SDK for access and extensionsVariety of import and export optionsIntuitive modeling toolsBrush, comb, and cut hairQuickly define flow of fur on a surface with arrowsFrizz, curl, clump, and braid hair procedurallyStyle hair by dragging control pointsUse mesh strips to generate hairFeathers and foliageProcedural feathers with control over shape and rotationBlend multiple UV channels for advanced texturingScatter control over materials and shadersCustom proxy mesh scattering over hairPropagation controls for growing hair on hairWhats New:New: Added Respect Hair Parts option to Clump modifierNew: Added Mesh from Strands “Conform to surface” optionNew: Added GUI for MoovPhysics Save/Load/Reset parametersNew: Added Overwrite option to Strand Animation modifierNew: Added an option to save Hair from Guides root data to an Alembic fileNew: Clump modifiers options to work in UV spaceNew: Export/Import Strands Groups with Alembic filesNew: Added a curve to multiplier to vary the amount of twisting along strand lengthNew: Collapsed guides and hair are assigned distribution mesh automatically, where possibleNew: Guides from Mesh modifier and object use displacement map channel valueFixed: Incorrect transform can be assigned when exporting Alembic files with an Up axis different from ZFixed: Clump modifier can produce incorrect results for flat patternsFixed: Edit Guides changes strand shape rotation when only moving roots on surfaceNumerous internal changesFixed: Hair strands become transparent when using Edged Faces display modeFixed: Max crashes when cloning a hair object with a Moov modifierFixed: Alembic files are loaded automatically when collapsing a stack in BakedHair objectFixed: Generate Guide Data modifier target channel index does not align with 3dsmax vertex color texture’s input indexFixed: Moving root after shape changes can rotate the strandFixed: Assertion when running MassFX dynamics with a non-uniformly scaled base surfaceFixed: Copying Arnold modifier crashes 3dsmaxFixed: Strand Multiplier modifier doesn’t set target groupFixed: Strand groups are not imported from Alembic filesFixed: Hair from Guides crash when selecting anything other than Vertex Distribution for Root Distriburion on top of a teapotFixed: MoovPhysics GUI is fully implemented only for Max 2018+Fixed: Max crashes in scene with Moov and DetailFixed: Strand Groups not working with ChangeWidth modifierFixed: Reloading scene with Edit Guides on top of Baked Guides destroys shape changesFixed: Oscillator: Hair don’t move during animationCompatibility: 3DsMax 2014-2019 (64Bit)


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