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本插件是关于FilmLight Baselight影视调色NUKE与AVID插件V5.2.119版,大小:760 MB,支持Nuke与AVID软件,支持Win与Linux系统,语言:英语。

FilmLight Baselight是一款非常棒的电影级的调色工具,值得一提的是他们的数据格式开放,除了本身的影片扫描设备所产生的格式之外,也接受Red Digital Cinema、DPX。

同时,对于数据流通方面支援Avid、Flame、Smoke、Final Cut Pro X等,Baselight for Avid 让您把高品质的色彩校正添加到您的镜头,这是一套全面的强大的分级工具,界面友好直观,让学习工作成为愉快的事情。

Baselight v5A new level in colour & creativityBaselight v5 is now availableScroll down to watch some Baselight v5 feature previews, or take a look at the Baselight v5 datasheet.Eligible customers can download the update from the Baselight Support page.To see more tutorials and previews about the some of the new features in Baselight v5, visit the Tutorials page.Baselight v5 introduces a radical step change in the way that professional colourists and other creative artists across the production process can add value and quality to productions – all boosted with over 50 new features.


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