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本插件是由GreyscaleGorilla机构出品的Gorilla Studio Rig灯光照明预设C4D插件V2.148版+HDRI资源包,大小:430 MB,支持Cinema4D R20版软件,语言:英语。

视频预览:HDRI Studio Rig is a Cinema 4D lighting plugin from Greyscalegorilla. Quickly and easily add Global Illumination lighting and reflections with High Dynamic Range Images. Rotate, adjust, and place your HDRIs for the perfect render*. Plus, create seamless backgrounds to complete your scenes.This plugin includes an HDRI Browser with 70+ custom HDRI studio images and HDR rigs. The environments were captured in professionally lit 3D product studios, designed to to light your scenes, animations, and products.


资源名称: Gorilla Studio Rig灯光照明预设C4D插件V2.148版+HDRI资源包

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