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本插件是关于Happy Digital AutoGrass逼真草地3dsmax插件V1.5版,大小:57 MB,支持3dsMax 2016 - 2020版本软件,支持Win64系统,语言:英语。

Autograss是一个结合VRay渲染器让你一键生成逼真草地的3dsmax插件,通过对多核处理 器和内存的优化,Autograss能以最高效经济的方式生成3D形式的草地场景。

同时插件还内置了草地预设,使用时只需要选择适合自己的预设就能 制作出满意的草地效果。

Select your object, click Autograss, and you’re done. You’ve got photorealistic grass in V-Ray for 3ds Max.EasyAutograss works in any scene, from a simple lawn to landscaping an entire city block. It works with all of V-Ray’s great features, like shadows, reflections, depth of field, and global illumination, and there’s no need to divide your scene into passes or layers.FastAutograss uses Happy Digital’s advanced memory management system. That means Autograss uses only a fixed amount of RAM no matter how much grass is in the scene, whether it’s a one-acre lawn or an entire golf course. No crashes, no nonsense. And it’s fully multi-threaded, so all your cores are driven to their full potential.RealisticAutograss includes eleven preset grass types covering the most commonly used grasses. You don’t need to model any grass. The scientists at Happy Digital studied radiometrically calibrated photographs to ensure the grass presets have true-to-life shape and color when used with V-Ray’s physical cameras and sun / sky system, from sunrise to sunset. In addition, Autograss provides you with mapping and variation to produce special effects like worn-out trails and lawnmower paths.Feature summaryAdvanced memory managementUnlimited grass in your scenesFast, multi-threaded renderingEleven grass type presetsTwelve grass material presetsFour earth material presetsAdjustable variationDensity mappingLength mappingCutoff mappingThatch mappingDirection mapping


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