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本插件是关于Happy Digital AutoHedge树篱和灌木制作3dsmax插件V1.00版,大小:1 GB,支持3dsMax 2016 - 2020版本软件,支持Win64系统,语言:英语。

插件开发商Happy Digital发布了Autohedge,这是一款适用于3ds Max软件的有趣树篱和灌木生成工具。


生成与18种真实植物物种匹配的树篱,填充任意3ds Max网格对象Autohedge插件可以程序化生成3D植被,并自动填充到选中的3ds Max网格对象中。




A faster, easier way to make hedges that suit your landscaping. Autohedge is a plugin for V-Ray for 3ds Max that instantly fills any mesh with a realistic hedge. Tall or short. Fat or thin. Make hedges, bushes, shrubberies, or whatever you need. Edit the shape at any time. No more searching through catalogs of pre-made models to find the perfect hedge.No limit to the shapes you can make.Automatically populates branches and leaves during rendering.Detailed materials made from real photographs.Change the species, density, messiness, and more at the click of a button.Includes a library of common shapes to get you started quickly.Includes 18 common hedge species.Autohedge is lightweight and always editable.


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