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本插件是关于KeyShot 9渲染NX场景插件V1.3版,大小:40 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

KeyShot for NX是一个非常专业的渲染器。



KeyShot Plugin MenuRenderTo render your NX scene in KeyShot, simply hit the Render command in the KeyShot 9 tab. The 3D data will be transferred from NX to KeyShot.UpdateClick the KeyShot button while both your NX session and the existing KeyShot scene is open to update any changes on your model. Pausing your KeyShot scene will disable the ability to update your scene while working in NX.Update with manual selectionIf automatic updating fails or if you only want a certain part updated, use “Update with Manual Selection” to push over individual parts. When the dialog pops up, select which parts you want transferred by clicking them in the list, or by selecting them in the main view.You may also chose a new value for tessellation quality if you want finer control of the quality of your individual parts.


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