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本软件是关于Redshift Renderer渲染器Houdini插件V2.6.41版,大小:410 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。










Redshift渲染器全面综合训练中文视频教程两部合集What’s new in Redshift 2.6.41:* [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the bgeo instancefile instancing.* [Houdini] Addressed the behavior of the additional beauty AOVs to render them by default without configuring them as remainder.* [Houdini] Addressed some additional issues found with the RenderView OCIO file UNC paths.* [Houdini] The camera selected in the RenderView can now be updated from the viewports when it is locked.* [Houdini] Fixed the flickering of some RenderView buttons while updating the scene view or parameters.* [Houdini] Added the light group feature to the RS Portal lights.* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.28 that forced global volume height fog to appear fully fogged when looking at the environment through the fog plane* Added ‘Spread’ option to Portal lights* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.39 that could cause a crash when exporting embedded volumes in proxies* Fixed bug where tessellation would produce wrong results on meshes using more than 2 deformation stepsTo head off the all the incoming comments of how this crack don’t work, try this.1. I did a fresh Houdini installation2. set up my env file? something like the following:HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER=0PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH”HOUDINI_PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/${HOUDINI_VERSION};&”3. Install Redshift as suggested by tpfumefx4. Launch Houdini from the desktop icon created by Houdini installation.NOTE: Launching Houdini from the Start menu and Taskbar will freeze HoudiniReported to work onHoudini 17.5.229Houdini 17.5.173Houdini 17.0.416Redshift渲染器全面综合训练中文视频教程两部合集


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