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本软件是关于SpeedTree Games Indie三维游戏植被建模游戏插件V8.4.1版,大小:1.4 GB,支持Unity,UE4等软件,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

SpeedTree Games Indie是一款专业的3D植被建模软件,提供丰富的模型库文件,包括各种形态的森林物种,全新的艺术指导工具、裁剪系统、装饰生成器等,轻松完成各类树木植物的实时建模。




每个单独的模型文件(. spm)包含可调的季节变化、风力动画和lod3、大大地改善了输出速度4、支持导出静态网络,兼容FBX和OBJ文件格式5、摄影测量工具支持6、包括一个新的艺术指导工具,一个彻底检修的网格裁剪系统,装饰生成器,和逼真的分支算法视频预览:3D VEGETATION MODELING FOR UE4Available as a subscription modeler for UE4 or a full license for UE4 Custom, the integration of SpeedTree® for Games offers a diverse range of features: a highly versatile modeling app, lightmap-ready UVs, scalable wind effects, seamless LOD and more.SpeedTree Games Indie v8.4 is the latest iteration of our award-winning 3D vegetation modeling software. SpeedTree for Games is now available with features from our top end modeler at a lower price.With the full release of Unity 5, you can have AAA tree editing tools by subscribing to the SpeedTree Modeler.Note: You must have Unity 5 Beta (not alpha) to use SpeedTree with the engine. Trees and plants created with the SpeedTree Modeler will not work with Unity 4 or any other pre-5 Unity release, and will not work with Unity 5 alpha.Highlights of SpeedTree for Unity 5 Beta:Scalable wind effects, including Wind WizardSeamless LOD tuningCreate unlimited variations with one clickBranch seam blendingSub-division surface modelingAdd collision primitives automatically or manuallyModeling with mesh forces (e.g. grow trees around or through 3D meshes)Much more! See our online Modeler documentation for complete details“SpeedTree 8 for Lumberyard is designed to be an intuitive and powerful toolset for both new and experienced game devs who want AAA quality vegetation in their Lumberyard projects,” said Michael Sechrest, co-founder at SpeedTree developer IDV. “Taking advantage of Lumberyard’s advanced rendering and lighting systems, teams can create large-scale environmental art faster and with greater fidelity.”


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