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本插件是关于Tesselator多边形重新构架Blender插件V1.28版,大小:130 KB,支持Blender 2.79 - 2.80版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

视频预览:Tesselator is a remeshing addon that helps you create regular quad and triangle meshes easily out of sculpts.It can create pure quads, pure triangles and quad-dominant meshes with high control over the flow.Although it's not exact, it performs pretty well for simple models and can create good looking topology.The addon simulate a particle system that can be guided by grease pencil and form a quad and triangle complex for the final meshBlender 2.8:There's a new version of Tesselator currently being developed for blender 2.8. its called creatively as Tesselator 1.28. It currently has better features and topology and It is already available.The new Tesselator will have support for masking density, sharp features and a. improved triangle mode. There's no documentation on its settings yet but here's a sneak peak of what its capable of.


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