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本插件是关于Thinkbox Frost MX粒子与流体特效3dsmax插件V2.3.0版,大小:30 MB,支持MAYA 2017 -2020版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Thinkbox FrostMX是一款3DS MAX粒子流体模拟插件,Thinkbox FrostMX破解版完全免费使用,专门绘制各种粒子和流体模拟,这款3DS MAX网格粒子流体模拟插件拥有非常强大的功能,能够与混沌组的V射线更加深入的结合,为您提供最新的工作流程改进,事半功倍!视频预览:FROST is a superfast particle mesher which can generate a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds, object positions and point data files using various iso-surface and geometry cloning techniques.Frost takes full advantage of multi-core processors to produce polygon meshes from millions of points in a matter of seconds without excessive memory usage.


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