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本插件是关于Zoo Tools Pro快捷键工具Maya插件V2.2.4版,大小:1.8 GB,支持Maya软件,支持Win系统,附使用教程,语言:英语。

Zoo Tools Pro的前身是C3dC Prefs,是Maya的一个小工具插件,包含多个快捷键功能、设置等,夜泊傲寒小工具、灯光预设、HDR、模型预设等,支持Maya 2017/2018/2019。

Maya中Zoo Tools Pro工具插件高效使用技巧频教程:Zoo Tools 2 is a modular framework for Maya that would be useful for artists and TDs/developers. You can either just use it or add your own tools if you’re a coder.The developers pointed out that toolsets are only one aspect of Zoo Tools 2. The update will also bring new auto-rigger, browsers for image-based tools, preferences windows, trigger marking menus, hotkeys and more.Maya中Zoo Tools Pro工具插件高效使用技巧频教程:


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