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Unity 4作为一个游戏开发工具,它的设计主旨就是让你能够创建令人惊讶的游戏。

如果你之前尝试过Unity,请查看Unity 3都做了哪些更新。







《Unity基础核心技能与工作流程训练视频教程》::Learn to build a game in Unity®. Create the game's art from scratch in Blender.What you'll learnBuild a 3D "Legend of Zenda" game in Unity® from scratch.Navigate the Unity® editor.Code in C#.Use Blender and navigate its interface.UV map and unwrap your models.Build 3D models for the game in Blender.Integrate the art from Blender into Unity®.Build video game levels.Create your own materials.Learn the basics of animation.RequirementsTo follow along with these tutorials, you will need the following programs: Blender v2.78 (for 3D modeling and texturing), Photoshop or a free program like Gimp (for 2D art and some texturing), and Unity® 5.4.3f1 (for game set-up and coding).Unity® and Blender are free to download. Please download and install Unity® and Blender before purchasing this course.This course was recorded on a Mac computer, but you can use Unity® and Blender on a PC.DescriptionIn this course, you learn how to build a 3D game with Unity® and Blender. This course is unique because we make both the code and the art for the game from scratch.Learn the fundamentals of designing, coding, and modeling a 3D game.Design the game "The Legend of Zenda" and its functionality in Unity®.Learn how to code in C# and build video game levels.Why Unity®?Unity® is one of the most popular platforms in game development. You can use Unity® to build 2D and 3D games. Unity® is cross-platform, which means it is easy to use with other platforms.Then you create the 3D models for the game in Blender. You build all the art assets for the game, including the characters, weapons, cannon, dungeon, and temple. You learn how to integrate your art from Blender into Unity®."At the first glance, I was not very amazed, but when I saw the curriculum and methods used in the classes, I am certain that one can take as much as possible out of this course into a real world example. The course teaches you: Unity from ground up C# Programming in general Blender modeling So you don't have to understand Unity nor programming nor Blender. The pace is more on the slow side, but it is very easy to grasp and pick up. It is a great tutorial package with A HUGE library of steps. Highly recommended!""The programming portion is very well explained. The instructor provides very good examples on how C# programming is performed on objects. I'm enjoying the Blender portion of the course. The development of a character in Blender is explained very well and I've learned many new techniques for UV Mapping the character."Why Blender?Blender, like Unity®, is a popular production suite that is free to download. Blender is a revolutionary tool for making 3D art digitally. With Blender, you can make art assets for games, like we do in this course.The pace is more on the slow side, but this course is very easy to grasp and pick up. It is a great tutorial package with A HUGE library of steps.Even if you're not an artist, you can make basic art models. You may have heard of Axiom Verge and Stardew Valley. These games are million-dollar successes. But did you know that only one person made each?Usually it takes a whole team of people to build a game. But creators Thomas Happ and Eric Barone developed and designed their games by themselves. Now they're millionaires. You can do it, too.Let's get started!Who this course is for?Anyone who wants to learn Unity® 5.4.3f1 or Blender v2.78.Anyone who wants to learn game development.This course assumes you know a little about Unity® 5.4.3f1 and Blender v2.78.更多Unity中文教程:《Unity基础核心技能与工作流程训练视频教程》:


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