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本教程是关于ZBrush人物面部人脸造型雕刻大师级视频教程,时长:15小时,大小:21 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:ZBrush,附源文件,作者:DMITRIJ LEPPEE,共10个章节,语言:英语。


在一个简洁的界面中,ZBrush 为当代数字艺术家提供了世界上最先进的工具。

以实用的思路开发出的功能组合,在激发艺术家创作力的同时,ZBrush 产生了一种用户感受,在操作时会感到非常的顺畅。

ZBrush 能够雕刻高达 10 亿多边形的模型,所以说限制只取决于的艺术家自身的想象力。


:Learn to sculpt the human face using ZbrushDuring this course, students will learn what makes the face look as it does—the underlying structures of the skull, muscles, fat tissue, and other structures such as glands which create and affect the forms of the face. Without a basemesh, but starting from scratch to get a better understanding of all the layers laid on top of each other. Once that knowledge is established, we will go deeper into what makes the portrait alive and tell a story.Week 1 | SkeletonWeek 2 | Cartilage, Eyes, and GlandsWeek 3 | Head & Neck Muscles and Fat CompartmentsWeek 4 | SkinWeek 5 | PortraitWeek 6 | RetopologyWeek 7 | Refinements and DetailingWeek 8 | PolypaintWeek 9 | HairWeek 10 | Expression Sculpting and Pose — The Final Image:


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