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本教程是关于Rhino中Grasshopper构建蒙皮参数设计视频教程,时长:31分,大小:280 MB,MP4高清视频,教程使用软件:Rhino, Grasshopper,作者:DCO Graphicstudio,共7个章节,语言:英语。

Rhino是是美国Robert McNeel & Assoc.开发的PC上强大的专业3D造型软件,它可以广泛地应用于三维动画制作、工业制造、科学研究以及机械设计等领域。

它能轻易整合3DS MAX 与Softimage的模型功能部分,对要求精细、弹性与复杂的3D NURBS模型,有点石成金的效能。

能输出obj、DXF、IGES、STL、3dm等不同格式,并适用于几乎所有3D软件,尤其对增加整个3D工作团队的模型生产力有明显效果,故使用3D MAX、AutoCAD、MAYA、Softimage、Houdini、Lightwave等3D设计人员不可不学习使用。

:In this class you will learn how to create an Architectural Building Parametric Skin in Grasshopper for Rhino. Grasshopper is a bit intimidating at first, but with some experience it can become one of the most useful tools.These tutorials are great for students who are trying to expand their design arsenal. They will allow you to create some complex and impressive designs in a quick amount of time. The steps in this tutorial are useful for many other applications. So make sure to follow me for future lessons, and let me know if you have any questions, or ideas for future videos. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how Parametric Design works and how you can apply it to your specific use case.I highly recommend this lesson! Why?It is simple and straightforward with full explanations of the process of parametric design using Grasshopper.I will show you a real world example. By the end of the lesson you have a useful script that you can use to share with your firm, or impress your friends and teachers.Who can benefit from this lesson?Beginners who want to learn Grasshopper and Parametric DesignArchitectsEngineersDesign students3D modelers interested in parametric design.3D Print designersABOUT ME:Are you interested in Grasshopper and want to learn how it works? Don't be intimidated and give it a try! My name is David Copete and I will make sure to guide you through the exercise steps so you can learn the interface. Once you get through the initial learning stage, it will become one of your most useful design tools.:


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