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本教程是关于Procreate 5在iPad中数字艺术绘画训练视频教程,时长:1小时30分,大小:1.8 GB,MP4高清视频格式,作者:Tamas Benko,共18个章节,语言:英语。

分享Procreate 是一款安装在 iPad 上的功能强大、界面直观的数字绘图应用程序。

它设有许多深受艺术家喜爱的功能,其中包括 120 种简单易用的画笔、高级图层混合、64 位性能以及功能强大的画笔引擎。

由于 Procreate 专为 iPad 设计,所以它充分利用了 iPad 的所有优势。

创意人士非常喜欢 Procreate,因为它设计直观、速度流畅、原片处理能力强大,因此艺术家们可以随时随地创作出色的数字作品。

learn the basics as quickly as possiblediscover Procreate features through an art projecthow to install Procreateexplore the intuitive User Interface of Procreatecustom settings that support your workflow the bestgestures to speed up your artwork creation processhow to use brushes, layers creativelyhow to use layer masks for creating interesting effectshow to display text on your artand many moreRequirementsiPad (Pro) + Apple PencilProcreate appDescriptionThe Procreate 5 app on the iPad is an ideal choice for digital art creation like sketching, drawing, painting, making illustrations, or any kinds of design materials. This Procreate 5 course will teach you how to get familiar with the powerful tools of Procreate as quickly as possible using a practical approach of learning.First we're going through the user interface of Procreate and the basics that you need to know about Procreate 5 on the iPad to start creating your own artwork. As a second step we're going to make a real life example, an art project. I'm going to show you how the cover of this course has been created step by step. During this project you'll get to know many features of Procreate 5.Procreate has so many features and settings by now that it is easy to lost in them. One of the goals of this course to show you how you can feel yourself confortable with this app and how you can use it the smart way.Please prepare yourself to learn many new exciting things.Who this course is for:Students who are new to ProcreateStudents who plan to create digital art on their iPad


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