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本教程是关于Cubase动画音乐声效设计核心技术训练视频教程,时长:6小时,大小:2.1 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Cubase 9.5,附源文件,作者:Dmitry Novozhilov,共10个章节,语言:英语。

分享Steinberg Cubase是一款专业级的高级音乐创作作曲软件,您只要将一台普通的电脑安装上Steinberg Cubase这套软件,那么这台电脑立即变成了一台可制作专业音乐的音乐创作设备。

Steinberg Cubas音乐创作作曲软件支持所有的 VST 效果插件和 VST 软音源,强大的轨道编组和编辑、专业级别的自动控制功能,这一切使工作更加自由、更加方便、更加简单。



Discover the principles of creating sound design for animation videos that contribute to evoking emotions, supporting a plotline and a brand identity.Bring animation to a new level of sounding!Get started with Cubase 9.5. In the course, you will master one of the most convenient tools for working with sound design, as well as step by step study the process of creating all the elements of sound effects. We'll concentrate on the niche side of sound production, which is work with animation videos. No matter if it is an explainer video telling the story of a company and its products or a visual essay (an author's statement on a certain topic), the approach studied at the course works equally well for creating sound design in any sphere of visual media.


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