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本教程是关于Landy R. Andrianary画师同人角色手绘实例视频教程,时长:28分,大小:1.6 GB,包含:JPG原画,MP4教程,PSD源文件,作者:Landy R. Andrianary,共1个章节,语言:英语。

分享This package is a compilation of various PSDs with different styles and techniques that should help you improve or understand my thought process.It includes:5 PSDs (+1 brushpack)– Petroleum (traditional multi-layering system)– Gunnm (manga)– Frog (cartoon to realism using a multi-pass technique)– Avalon (multi-pass technique with an Ambient Occlusion layer)-Darth Vader (grayscale to color)1 video– Ambient Occlusion painting (timelapse, no commentary)3 JPEGs (sRGB with no watermark) ready for printing-Gunnm-Chun li-Petroleumps: Please use WINrar to open the file


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