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本教程是关于卡通故事场景数字绘画全流程视频教程,时长:4小时,大小:3 GB,包含:JPG原画,MP4教程,PSD源文件,作者:Sakimichan,共7个章节,语言:英语。

分享This product showcases one of the ways I approach storytelling, it has a simplified theory which is explained in a separate video, a demo which is real time and showcases the process of developing an image. As a bonus you receive 2 PSD files, with step by step, showcasing the whole process.What you get:-More then 4 hours of video content-MP4 file format-Video file with theory about storytelling-Video file with the full process split in 4 parts- each part focuses on each step of the process-PSD file with theory-PSD files with the image developed in the video-Bonus 2 PSD files with step by step processHope this tutorial will give some clear insights and some practical advice when it comes to building images with a story.


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