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本教程是关于ZBrush数字雕刻无经验零门槛入门训练视频教程,时长:8小时,大小:2.5 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Zbrush,作者:Justin Goby Fields,共9个章节,语言:英语。

分享ZBrush 是一个数字雕刻和绘画软件,它以强大的功能和直观的工作流程彻底改变了整个三维行业。

在一个简洁的界面中,ZBrush 为当代数字艺术家提供了世界上最先进的工具。





3D programs like ZBrush can seem daunting when you don’t have the right instructor. This class is perfect for those that might be intimidated when looking at the vast interface of ZBrush because Justin Goby Fields doesn’t just teach you how to use the program but he teaches his own techniques of how he uses ZBrush for his illustrations. Integrating ZBrush into your workflow can dramatically speed up your process.Knowing ZBrush is becoming more and more of a must, not just for sculptors but for concept artists and illustrators as well. This course is designed for artists that have little to no prior experience in 3D. Painters can now become sculptures by stepping into the wonderful world of ZBrush!:


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