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本教程是关于Volen CK数字绘画初学者基础原理指南视频教程,时长:8小时,大小:11 GB,MP4高清格式,附源文件,使用软件:Photoshop, Illustrator,共22个章节,作者:Volen CK,语言:英语。

分享Understanding Drawing – A Guide From Beginner to Imagination – Principles, Levels, Skills, Traps, MapsUnderstanding Drawing is the culmination of over 6 years of research, investigation, testing, practice, failing and learning. During this time I’ve taken hundreds of courses, gone through hundreds of tutorials and demos from different artists, read a multitude of books, trying to piece together what it is that I need to do in order to improve my art. I’m self-taught, I’d never taken art classes before, didn’t draw as a kid and started at 25 with 0 previous experience and no idea what I’m getting myself into. Sometimes I got it right – very often though – I got it wrong.7 Hours 54 Minutes of content, with 1 Hour 40 Minutes of fully narrated sketching – different examples of the ideas and principles we talk about, multiple drawings of the same subject to explore different thinking and problem solving.Includes:– 22 videos– Resources file PDF– Contents file PDF.01 – Introduction02 – Overview of Contents03 – Understanding Drawing Roadmap – A first look at Levels, Skills, Traps and Maps04 – Maps – Drawing as Language, Compound Skill, Pro vs Beginner, Theory vs Practice, Levelling up05 - What is Drawing - Visual Illusion, Structure vs Outline, Styles & Copying, Brain & Perception06 - Types of Drawing, 2D and 3D, Cause and Effect in Images, Drawing Through, Experienced Artists and Structure07 – Form as Combination of Structure and Light, More on Shapes and Volumes, Multiple Passes of08 - My Early Work - Going Through Levels and Improving Skills, From Symbolic Drawing to Imagination09 - Levels & Skills In-Depth, Progressing, Skill Training and the Brain10 – Observation – Training Like an Athlete, Developing Perceptual & Mechanical Skills, Proportions, Alignments, Relationships11 – Understanding – Construction, Perspective, Going from Flat Shapes to Volumes, Reading 2D images as 3D12 – Understanding Part 2 – Perspective, Camera Lenses, Building Objects, Perspective Resources,13 - Feeling Form, Knowledge, Design – Internalized Perspective, Using Drawing to Learn ABOUT Things, Simple Designs and Imaginative Pieces14 - Imagination - Reality as Inspiration, Process, Strategy, Using Research, Beginner Mistakes & Misconceptions, Style15 - Traps - No Big Picture View, Thinking Not Tools or Style, No Process, Bad Ways to Practice16 - Closing Thoughts, Quotes & Training - If You See The Way Broadly, You Will See it In All Things17 - Sketching Demo – Simple Cartoon Characters with Volumes18 - Sketching Demo - Hand with Volumes, Feeling Form19 - Sketching Demo - Gladiator - Figure, Gesture and Structure20 - Sketching Demo - Robot Perspective Sketch21 - Sketching Demo - Head Structure and Light22 - Get Started! and Thank You


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