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Dimension CC是Adobe公司推出的一款产品交互工具,这是一套专门用于产品展示、设计的商业产品,他有着最先进的2D到3D合成工具,能够结合正确合适的灯光、景深、材质以及其他特性,让图形设计者在上面构建高质量、逼真的3D图像、2D/3D组合构建产品镜头以及可视化场景,并且能快速应用到实例当中,比如在袋子上贴个logo、在杯子上写点文案之类的活就可以通过此软件快速完成。


Adobe Dimensions与一般的3D绘图软件相较之下,在操作界面在功能上有点不大相同,不过却能与大名鼎鼎的Adobe Photoshop以及Illustrator等软件紧密的结合起来,让你快捷、方便的将2D图形转换成为3D的物件。

Adobe Dimensions是由Adobe发展出来与Photoshop以及Illustrator相搭配的3D绘图软件,不见得需要你对3D有熟练的操作,只要会将2D绘图模式掌握的相当好,就可以由Adobe Dimensions的协助来完成制作3D的立体影像。

视频预览:Master Adobe Dimension and Learn How to Make Carreer in Freelancing in Design!What you’ll learnThis course is suited for people that don’t have any experience with Adobe Dimension. We start right at the beginning.Understand all Dimension CC basics and go beyondBasics to Mastery with Highly Interactive VideosCreate 3D designs such as Mockups and ProductsBrand visualizationsPackaging designsMaster Interesting ProjectsTake your designs further in XD and InDesign etcCreate high-quality images and 3D interactive content from a single Dimension fileBookmark and render different perspectives without having to change your work.Take your concepts to 3D in just a few steps.You can focus on bringing your creative vision to lifeCreate photorealistic images with depth, texture and the right lightingComposite 2D designs from Photoshop and Illustrator and materials from SubstanceImport models from Adobe StockCreate real-life image in real timeEasy to build brand visualisations, product mockupsCreate packaging designs, spatial designs and other creative workPublish and share 360-degree views of your work via the webUse your 3D designs for immersive AR experiences in Adobe AeroRequirementsInternet Connection and PCYou must download Adobe Dimension CC


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