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本教程是关于Houdini僵尸角色骨骼动画游戏资产制作视频教程,时长:6小时30分,大小:4.4 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Houdini,附源文件,共49个章节,作者:Richard Banks,语言:英语。

分享Houdini 是一个特效方面非常强大的软件。




!Learn to create an animation ready zombie character rig with Houdini.In this course we cover the fundamentals of the role of the Technical Animator or Rigger. We will create, node by node, a game ready animation rig ready to deploy into the Unity Game Engine. Along the way we will cover the fundamental concepts of rigging inside Houdini, and create a range of reusable rigging tools using Python and Houdini Digital Assets.After completion you will have an animation ready zombie asset – and for Houdini Indie users we will explore exporting the finalized rig into Unity for testing.Not a single step is skipped, we go from zero to a fully rigged, skinned and animated asset, with a versatile user interface.This course is ideal for beginner animators or someone who is looking to translate their rigging knowledge from another 3D package and leverage the awesome power of Houdini in their game development projects.What you’ll learn-Learn to create a custom game ready animation rig in HoudiniAre there any course requirements or prerequisites?-A basic understanding of Houdini and its interfaceWho this course is for:-Game Developers, Animators, Technical Animators, Riggers, 3D Animators, 3D Modellers


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