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The Most Advanced techniques. Participate in the assignment and get a personal feedback from the instructor!

An integral part of product photography, especially small products such as jewelry, is using the right prop. The right prop not only enhances the shot but also adds that little bit of magic which brings the whole shot together. Yes, of course, the product is the focus of the image, but the props assume a place of importance too in the whole scheme of things.

If you follow along with Alex Koloskov and he’s team, you probably will end as a famous Product and Commercial Photographer.

We do our best to provide you with the knowledge and help along the way for you to reach you’re maximum potential.

In our workshop series you get to know some secrets, some good quality work.

This might set your brain of fire and give you endless posibilites to achieve what you want when you want!

Pro Club tutorials cover the most interesting and creative techniques. Rember to check out reviews from instructors and lets grow togheter

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