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Just like the best hiking, underwater photography requires additional knowledge, skills and equipment in order to make the best possible photographs.

I have designed this course to give you excellent training and advice, and if you…

are a passionate scuba diver

want to make your travel blog more memorable by adding some beautiful underwater shots

love to take photos with your compact camera to keep the best memories from your summer holiday

are a professional photographer who wants to broaden your line of work to shoot models in the pool

…then this is the course for you.

Starting with this first class out of many to come, we will travel from zero to hero together!

I will share the knowledge that I have gathered from the last nine years of working as a professional underwater photographer and cinematographer, and my work as a passionate and dedicated scuba diving instructor.

For this class, you do not need any prior knowledge of underwater photography. If you are already shooting underwater, then great! There will be tips and tricks on framing your subjects and getting your colors correct, use and positioning of strobes, avoiding backscatter and using the available light to your advantage.

If you are a beginner-level, first time Underwater Shooter, do not worry. I will help you choose your first housing and introduce you to different kinds of underwater equipment.

So to summarize…

Who is this class for?




Scuba Divers

Free Divers

Ocean lovers




What will you need?

No equipment.

No software.

No prior photographic knowledge is needed for this first class.


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