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本模板是关于1000组专业文字出场动画PR模板与音效合集,大小:1.2 GB,格式:prproj,WAV,使用软件:Adobe Premiere Pro,支持Win与Mac版。

LUT 是 Look Up Table 的简称,直译就是「检查表」的意思。


简单来说,你可以把 LUT 视为某种 函数,每个像素的色彩信息经过 LUT 的「重新定位」之后,就能得到一个新的色彩值。

当你的作品通过 LUT 输出时,就会呈现出不同的色彩,某种程度上来说和一些图片处理软件的滤镜有些相似(但两者的算法逻辑是不一样的)。

Over 1000 Professional Motion Text Presets for Premiere Pro inside Premiere Studio Plugin Motion Text Presets contains more than 1000 ready to use presents which can help you make your unique video on a professional level. Decode, Fade, Position, Rotation, Scale, Skew and Tracking – more than you need to make cool animations. Every category contains different elements and creates unique stylish look. Apply a preset in one click just by drag-and-drop method.

Technical Requirements

All Presets work on:

MAC OSX 10.6 – 10.15(Catalina includes)

Windows: 7-10

Premiere Pro 2019-2020

Any Resolution


Sound Effects Includes

Camera Swooshes

Zoom Swooshes

Glitch Data

Glitch Analog Sound

Split Scribble

Stretch Whoop

Elastic Boops

and many other…


Over 1000 Motion Text Presets

Easy for beginners – applying a preset in one click.

No holders needed – presets work through Premiere Studio Plugin.

Change preset in one click.

Easily change the duration of preset.

Doesn’t require advanced skills in Premiere Pro

Videos from preview HERE

The price includes

Premiere Studio Plugin

Motion Text Presets Package

Detailed Video Tutorials

Future Updates

Customization Service

New Free Presets every month


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