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本模板是关于超强网络自媒体包装动画AE模板合集V2版,大小:3.7 GB,格式:.aep,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:AE CC - CC 2020,内附使用教程分享

AE模板是由After Effects软件生成的一种工程文件,能够渲染出美轮美奂的动画特效,文件中包括音乐、图片、视频、脚本等素材。





Installing the script and the MotionBro panel:

Installing the panel only that is presented in the distribution!

So let's start:

- 1. We go along the path: Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Adobe \ CEP \ extensions \ - look ... if the old version of MotionBro is installed then you need toREMOVE ALL THE OLD FOLDER

- 2. Copy the folder MotionBro 2.2.2 along the path Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Adobe \ CEP \ extensions \ - 3. Open AE .... Check .... If the Motion Bro item does not appear in the Extensions menu, does not click, then use theRegistry Winfolder-MacAE2018.regfor AE CC2018 orAE2019.regfor AE CC2019

If all else fails and the panel does not respond, then we begin to "dance with a tambourine" and prescribe keys with pens ... for this we perform the following manipulations:

- A. Open the registry editor;

- B. Find this key according to your version of AE:

For CC 2015: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Adobe \ CSXS.6

For CC 2017: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Adobe \ CSXS.7

For CC 2018: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Adobe \ CSXS.8

For CC 2019: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Adobe \ CSXS.9

- C. Click mouse button: Create-String parameter. As the name is PlayerDebugMode (without spaces), in the Value column, put 1

- D. Close the registry!

In the pictures it should turn out like this:

- 4. Add a library: On the MotionBro panel, click on the icon in the form of a "folder" .... then click on the icon "down arrow" ... then indicates the path to the LAVA 2.0 file Check Code.list (lies in the root of the folder) 5 If you ask for a key or mail ... drive in any value ... (at least 9-11 characters) 6. If you did everything right and everything started up (like mine) .... then clap your hands and are glad that You are lucky ... We look at an example of performance below in the next spoiler ....


Use this After Effects template for social media design and broadcast design on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TV making animated stories, posters, openers and bumpers. It’s focused on communicative design in one style: bright color combinations, simple shapes, clean typography and compositions fit for any resolution and frame orientation to provide a better user experience at any modern device. We designed abstract organics-inspired backgrounds with bright color transitions and flat animated posters to highlight your message in the huge information flow and draw attention to your text in Instagram titles.

If you want to use your authentic visuals, pick compositions with placeholders and insert your photos, videos, edit colors and texts and get your animated brand content. You can combine several compositions and create a promo or an opener or a series of videos for your media. No visual art knowledge is required, because all the elements are arranged in a color and composition harmony.

We appreciate your time, that’s why Lava includes only elements compatible with each other, without random details. Mix Lava backgrounds and posters and get an endless number of videos in one style. We made our best for you to enjoy your experience with this project. In case of questions please feel welcome to contact us via VH and our social media.

Included into the Lava project:

7 categories for broadcasting and social media

150+ Lava backgrounds – authentic organics-inspired footages

200+ Lava posters and an infinite number of combinations

110+ flat animated posters

30 animated landing pages

25 broadcast compositions

Each scene 15 seconds long

Pre-made demos for topics of Fashion, Urban, Sports, Tourism, Business, Design, Events, etc

Motion Bro Extension for Auto Resize for all formats: horizontal, vertical, square, for feed, stories, IGTV and covers for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter

Color control

All the elements are compatible with each other

Lava Features:

Responsive design

Auto-Resize with Motion Bro Extension

Resizable to any screen aspect ratios, for horizontal and vertical compositions, including IGTV

Unlimited animated combinations

Easy to brand and customize

Any resolution up to 4K

In transition animation

Works with After Effects CC 14 and above

No plugins required

Completely editable texts

Well organized and easy to use

No excess compositions


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