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本教程是关于卡通女孩肖像iPad数字绘画技能实例训练视频教程,时长:2小时4分钟,大小:1.7 GB,MP4高清格式,附源文件,共16个章节,作者:George-Daniel Tudorache,语言:英语分享

In this class you will learn how to illustrate a girl in Procreate. You will be using the iPad and apple pencil. In this class you will learn key concepts in drawing and using colors. As well as how to use the app Procreate and apple pencil to create this illustration. You’ll also find out how to adjust opacity, transparency, and value, which is super important when you start getting into inking, shading, and highlighting your drawings.

This class is perfect for the ambitious beginner, intermediate, or skilled artist just looking for inspiration or to check out a new process and way of working.


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