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本教程是关于银河星空景观摄影与后期制作实例训练视频教程,时长:2小时13分,大小:1.4 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附源文件,作者:Philip Bloom,共18个章节,语言:英语分享

Take your milky way photography to the next level! Join Erik Kuna in his follow up class to Demystifying Milky Way Landscape Photography, as he takes a deep dive into the practices, techniques, hardware, and software of tracking and stacking. Tracking and stacking is all about increasing the signal and reducing the noise, and in this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of each technique, gain tips for putting them intro practice, and learn about the hardware and software used to get the job done. Be sure to watch Erik’s first class if you are new to milky way photography before moving to the next level with this one.


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