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本教程是关于Blender科幻机器人硬表面建模完整工作流程视频教程,时长:50小时,大小:28 GB,格式:MP4,教程使用软件:Blender,附源文件,作者:Blender Bros,共180个章节,语言:英语分享




SciFi Mech Design in Blender is a comprehensive video course showcasing advanced hard-surface modeling workflows and techniques in Blender.

The course is developed by Josh Gambrell and Ponte Ryuurui.

The setup is simple:

1) Blockout phase

2) Primary Detail

3) Secondary Detail

4) Tertiary Detail

5) Materials

6) Decal Application

7) Rendering

8) Post-Processing

9) Compositing in Photoshop (bonus)

There is also a bonus video by Ryuu showcasing how to create a composite with the mech in photoshop. We think you’ll enjoy that one.

There are over 170 videos and 45 hours of video content in this course, so it will require patience and persistence. But by the end of it, your hard-surface modeling skills will skyrocket.

And finally, this course utilizes ESSENTIAL hard-surface addons, such as Hard Ops, Boxcutter, Decal Machine and Mesh Machine, amongst a few others.

You really only need the Hard Ops/Boxcutter package, and we include videos for those new to these addons.

However, we HIGHLY suggest that you at least get Decal Machine as well, since it will allow you to add essential detail to your mesh.

Ryuu and Josh have two different teaching and modeling styles, so if one doesn’t fit you well, the other should. This is why we created two mechs with two instructors, so everyone could find their fit.

This course took a long time to develop, and we hope you enjoy it.

Best of luck and let’s get modeling!

– Josh and Ryuu (Blender Bros)


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