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本教程是关于大师Ian Hubert概念艺术设计训练视频教程合集,时长:超过10小时,大小:8.8 GB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender,附源文件,作者:Ian Hubert,共44个章节,语言:英语分享




A quick Grocery Store and Rando-Building using fSpy

Animating a Chase Camera

Asset Modeling Signs Bumper Stickers

Asset Rain Textures (for real this time)

AssetScreencap Waterfall River

AssetTutorial Dust and Bugs

Designing a Beefy Iris Door

Double Monitor Monday!

Environmental Graphics in Blender Timelapse

Getting Into Some Mechanical Rigging

HyperBole Engine Crash – Narrated Screencapture

JELLYFISH! (asset, breakdown)

Large Scale Crowd Sims with Boids

Making a Monumental Burger (w burger asset)

Making a Skater Boy out of a Photoscan

Making a Video Wall in Blender – BreakdownTut

Making Bird Swarms (and Easy Controllable Crowds!)

Making Mocap Data Flexible

Making shots

Making statues

Modeling a Boat and Dock

Modeling a Hellscape

More Advanced Neon Signs

More Experiments with Viewport Compositing

Motion Tracking Shenanigans

Piston Rigging

Quickly Add Dust in Blender

Quickly Animating Complex Neon Signs

Re-Animating a Camera Move in Post

Retargeting Mocap (and lil’ dude)

Robot Arm pt 1 – Basic Rigging

Scene Breakdown + Creating B-Roll from Scratch

Some Post Production Workflow

Stir Fry Physics

Texture Paint Street-Markings in Blender

Texture Painting so everything’s Tron Now

Thoughts on Optimizing Your Cycles Renders

Turning People into Digital Characters with Photogrammetry

Tutorial intro to Shapekeys (pigeonsjet nozzles)

Tutorial Modeling Little Tech Greebles from Images

Tutorial Quick Railing Tip

Tutorial Working with Steam Elements Adding Drips

Tutorial Asset Getting Neoclassical

Tutorialish Quick Christmas Fake-O Stop-O-Rama


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