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Welcome to this special exercise class for learning 3D modelling using Blender. This class is designed for absolutely beginners who want to begin creating new objects as they learn the various tools that Blender uses. It is an ideal class for those who would rather not spend three plus hours on learning how to move in 3D space and where to find all the tools that you may or may not want to use as we dive straight in with the creation of different objects using tools and modifiers alike.

The class is divided up into 4 smaller sections of around 5 lectures each, not including the 1st and last lectures of the class. Each section focuses on a different ''starting point' of 3D modelling. In the 1st section the focus is on learning how to manipulate the default cube into different shapes using tools and modifiers.

In the 2nd section we expand to using over primitive objects as the base for new creations using the likes of the UV sphere, Cylinder and Plane objects.

In the 3rd section we expand even further to using different object types to the standard mesh object. We create objects using paths, beziers, volumes and text objects.

In the 4th section we introduce the standard workflow of creating variations from a base asset, like a table. We use the base asset to create variations of an object using tools, modifiers, reference images and materials.

While this class is recommended to absolute beginners, it is advised that you are at least comfortable with moving around in 3D space using Blender.

We hope that you enjoy the class and learn a great deal.


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