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Substance Painter是目前最优秀的次世代游戏贴图绘制软件,该软件提供了构建3D素材所需的所有工具,包括粒子笔刷,可以模拟自然粒子下落,粒子的轨迹形成纹理。

当然还包括了Material Painting材质绘制,可以一次绘出所有的材质,同时几秒内便可加入精巧的细节。

同时软件支持Linux,8K导出,色彩管理,UDIM管理和脚本API,使Substance Painter与VFX工作流程相结合比以往更容易。

Substance Painter拥有一个独特而全面的工具和内容生态系统,围绕3个主要软件组件展开,包括3D绘画软件,可以用画笔,面具和粒子的纹理,呈现并轻松导出到游戏引擎。



What you'll learn

Using substance painter professionally

Understnding the meaninng of the different kinds of maps like : normal - height - diffuse and so on

Learning hand painting stuff

using the different brushes


be able to use tools in substance painter

be able to understand the layers like photoshop

be able to use textures


in this course you will learn , how to use substance painter professionally ...

First we will bake the mesh and use the curvature map in order to get nice shadows...

Then we will add height information to the mesh .... This is like using alphas and textures in 3d programs ...

Finally we will go throw the painting process. Of course i will make it hand painting course, so im not going to use materials and smart ones. We will learn make our own materials ...

Who this course is for:

begginers in substance painter who have learned basic stuff like layer and tools like masking, filters and generators

intermidiate students who want to learn more in substnce


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