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Procreate 是一款安装在 iPad 上的功能强大、界面直观的数字绘图应用程序。

它设有许多深受艺术家喜爱的功能,其中包括 120 种简单易用的画笔、高级图层混合、64 位性能以及功能强大的画笔引擎。

由于 Procreate 专为 iPad 设计,所以它充分利用了 iPad 的所有优势。

创意人士非常喜欢 Procreate,因为它设计直观、速度流畅、原片处理能力强大,因此艺术家们可以随时随地创作出色的数字作品。

Procreate和PhotoShop优缺点对比 哪款数字绘画软件才是初学者的最佳选择:



A course by Carlos Higuera , Designer, illustrator and art director

Learn professional techniques to create and edit your own ABC books

The works of Carlos Higuera -illustrator and designer specialized in children’s illustration- distill tenderness in spurts. This style has led him to work both in advertising and to publish children’s books in international publishers such as Edelvives, Santillana or Macmillan. In the course Character design kawaii style, which teaches in Domestika with Piñeiro Blue – illustrator and designer with whom Kudasai Studio has founded, gave you the guidelines to create adorable characters inspired by Japanese culture; In this, Carlos will teach you the whole process to create an ABC book.

These books are aimed at children up to 3 years old and generally, they are printed on cardboard and Carlos will show you the process to make them from the sketch and the storyboard, to the final design, passing, of course, by illustration.

Audio: Spanish

Procreate和PhotoShop优缺点对比 哪款数字绘画软件才是初学者的最佳选择:




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