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Using Photoshops built in Robots

I have a simple philosophy in Photoshop, if you are doing the same thing over and over, you are doing it wrong. There must be a quicker way. I have observed many people’s workflows and I often cringe. Most people waste too much time, they are spending hours, or even days toiling away for days on tasks that could be easily automated, or performed in a few keystrokes. I too made all those mistakes, and wasted all that time in the past. Slaving away, knowing there must be a better way, but no one showed me.

Some may call it earning your dues. I call it being inefficient. So, I made a point of learning how to work efficiently, after all, I have a computer, shouldn’t that be doing all the heavy lifting for me? I found out almost everything in Photoshop can be automated, and now automation is part of my daily workflow. Now, I go home at a reasonable hour each night and no longer work weekends, (that’s a big deal for a self employed person). Automation isn’t just for the big stuff too, you can be saving time on every image you are working on, even automating small tasks, reducing 10 clicks to a single click.


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