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Indie Filmmaking Masterclass: Directing

Jozua Malherbe, film & television director, is going to be talking about directing and the basic principles of what it is that a director does.

During this course, he will answer the following questions to give you a clearer understanding of what exactly it is directors do on set, what their duties are and how a director fits into the magical chain of filmmaking:

1. What makes a good script?

2. How do I write a script?

3. How do I interpret a script as a director?

4. What is the process of casting actors?

5. How do I work with actors on set?

6. How do you create a world for the actor and the character?

7. How do I choose my crew?

8. How involved am I in the budget and the schedule?

9. What do I do in post-production?

10. What to do after the film is done.

We truly hope that this course will assist you on your journey as a director!

Be sure to look out for our other courses in the Indie Filmmaking Masterclass series.


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