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本模板是关于AR增强现实VFX特效动画演绎AE模板预设脚本合集,大小:2.2 GB,格式:aep,zxp等,分辨率:3840x2160,使用软件版本:AE CC,内附使用教程。

AR Holders – The category that you need everyday! Integrate your own graphics, videos, 3d elements and any other things inside your video footage. Automatic tracking, 3D Reflections and many more features inside. Use phisycally accurate Reflections for your elements.

Technical Requirements

All Presets work on:

MAC OSX 10.6 – 10.15(Catalina includes)

Windows: 7-10

After Effects CC2018-2020

Any Resolution


How it works In Premiere Pro? Check Video


Over 500 Presets

Easy for beginners – applying a preset in one click.

No holders needed – presets work through Animation Studio Plugin.

Change preset in one click.

Easily change the duration of preset.

Doesn’t require advanced skills in After Effects

Videos from preview HERE

The price includes

Animation Studio Panel

AR Tools Package

Online Support

Detailed Video Tutorials

Future Updates

Customization Service

New Free Presets every month


Install : aescripts + aeplugins zxp installer (setup)

After Done, open it and import AnimationStudio.zxp

Open AE > Preferences > Scripting and Preferences and Tick Allow Script to Write Files and Access Network

And then open AE.

Go to: Window\Extensions\AnimationStudio –> Click Install Pack –> open .Panel files.

For AR Tools, Crack file will be included in pack file itself


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