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本教程是关于AutoCAD三维设计高效进阶技巧视频教程,时长:22小时46分,大小:3.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:AutoCAD, 附源文件,作者:Shaun Bryant,共227个章节,语言:英语分享

本课程可以让您的 CAD 技能更上一层楼。


了解如何以令人兴奋的新方式使用 AutoCAD 功能,自定义工作空间和快捷键以节省时间,使用测量和组织工具创建更精确的图纸,等等。


Take your CAD skills up a notch. Work smarter, not harder, with AutoCAD. iAutoCAD Tips Tricks provides weekly tips, techniques, and workarounds to make designers like you more effective and more productive. Learn how to use AutoCAD features in exciting new ways, customize the workspace and shortcuts to save time, create more accurate drawings with the measurement and organization tools, and more. Shaun Bryants insights give you that competitive edge you cant get from a regular training manual.


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