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如果你知道如何,Blender可以作为一个视频编辑器的一些更传统的替代品,如CAMTASIA,DaVinci Resolve,甚至premiere pro,至少当它涉及到基本的编辑一样有效。




Did you know that blender could be used as a video editor for creating movie files?

Yes that blender, the same program used for creating and editing 3D objects can also be used to edit your videos. The video sequencer has been around in Blender for a long time now but how good is it.

Well thats what we found out in this class, where we get started with video editing in Blender using our example video files, which we will import into our project and then edit using a variety of different methods from creating transitions, adding broll footage and even how to include graphics such as text elements and background images.

If you know how to, Blender can be just as effective as a video editor as some of the more traditional alternatives like Camtasia, DaVinci resolve and even premiere pro, at least when it comes to basic edits.

If you are the type of student who wants to learn everything there is to know about a topic or a piece of software, or if you are looking for a free and simple solution to editing your video content, then you cannot give this class a miss.

All of the appropriate resources are provided with this class in the product description and also for the class project. So there is no need to worry about not having what you need to started.

So its time to begin learning how to edit our videos using Blender 3D.


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