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What you'll learn

All about Shapes, Drawing tools, Typography & Fonts, Colors, Patterns, Abstract Repeats, Vectorizing images, Recoloring and more....

You will Confidently add Graphic Design & Illustration Skills to your CV.

You will be able to Make Money Selling your Designs Online.

You will complete 30+ Designs for your portfolio.

You will learn How to construct graphics with Shapes and how to cut, trim and merge multiple shapes.

How to Create realistic Mockups for your Merchandising and Branding projects.

How to design Logos and How top companies create their Logos.

The Concepts of Icons Design and start your Icons Library.

All about Text Layout & Fonts from the Creative Fonts Library.

You will Design your own Brochures and Flyers and create realistic Mockups

You will Design Stickers and Badges and Create Cups and Mugs Mockups.

You will learn How to Modify, Create and Design Patterns and Create Shirts, Sweaters and Pillows Mockups.

How to Export your projects for professional print, web, and how to package for sharing

How will learn how to find Free Templates for Brochure, Flyers, Business Cards and more...


Any version of Adobe Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud) version. Preferably CC 2021 onward.

No prior knowledge or experience with Adobe Illustrator or Graphic Design Required.


This is an amazing Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator CC course.

Do you want to learn the Essential tools in Adobe illustrator and start drawing like a seasoned graphic designer? Do you want to learn all the essential techniques to create stunning graphic designs?

Then surely this course is for you. It’s the perfect course to start learning Adobe Illustrator and becoming a top graphic designer.

I am Louay, Creator of some of best-selling motion graphics and visual effects courses and video editing courses.

Rob Smith: "Louay is a great teacher - I love that he always gets you straight into a project rather than starting with many videos of theory"

Lisa Kennedy: "Louay is excellent at explaining and showing how to do each step."

This course is perfect for you when you want to dive in and start creating stunning graphic designs while learning the essential tools and techniques in illustrator.

We will focus on creating real world graphic designs and learn the necessary tools to achieve top results.This course is designed with complete beginners in Illustrator and in graphic design in mind.

At the end of this course, you will have 30+ self-designed artwork to add to your professional illustrator design portfolio to showcase to your prospective clients. In our design journey, you will cover several key tools and techniques.

What will you learn in this amazing Adobe Illustrator CC course?

Constructing with Shapes Tools

We will start with Constructing with Shapes and then use the shape builder tool to cut, trim and merge multiple shapes to get the design you want.

Drawing tools

We will use the drawing tools, and learn how to work with curves, how to trace real world images into illustration and how to use the width tool for more realistic curves. We will also cover the free hand Pencil and Brush tools and all type of brushes.


We will learn how to layout text. We will design flyers, full-page brochures or advertisements. We will cover how to create badges and logos for beautiful branding projects. All very important skills that every designer should have.


We will work with colors, swatches and gradients and learn how to select colors like a seasoned graphic designer and how to recolor your artworks.


I will show you how to use patterns, modify preset patterns and you will get to create and design your own patterns in the visually stunning T-shirts challenge.


We will also work on captivating Repeats. Conectric, Linear and Scale Repeats

Vectorizing Images

You will learn how to image trace, and experiment in recoloring the trace.


We will take on more real-world projects, by recreating well known logos of famous companies,


We will cover the concept of Icons creation. You will start creating your library to add to your design portfolio.

CC libraries

We will cover CC libraries - How to organize colors, Text styles and graphics Libraries


How to create Mockups for your banding and merchandising projects

You will pick-up many tips that will make your journey in designing with illustrator quicker and more enjoyable.

and much more...

My goal is for you to learn and grow your skills and confidence in designing, so I give you my full support and you can always reach out to me if you feel stuck or need more, at any point in this course.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so you know you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this course out.

So, enroll now and let’s dive in designing in illustrator, together.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to start in Graphic Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

Aspiring Graphic Designers and Creatives who want to earn money from their designs

Motion Graphics Designers who to create their own designs


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