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本教程是Micah Epstein艺术家概念设计角色数字绘画视频教程第二季,时长:1小时56分,大小:790 MB,MP4高清格式,使用软件:Photoshop,作者:Micah Epstein,共1个章节,语言:英文分享



Illustrator Micah Epstein joins us for a second video, to follow up his popular tutorial, ‘Covering Composition’.

‘Composition to Completion’ is Part 2 of what will be a 3 volume set, which will walk you through the every step of Micah’s process for creating a finished illustration, from the very beginning, to the very end.

In this video, Micah will take the finished sketch from his first video, and show you how he brings it to a completed underdrawing. Learn how to shoot photo reference, choose the right photo for the job, and then create a beautiful and realistic underdrawing by building upon that reference, while not becoming a slave to it!




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