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When it comes to creating believable environment concepts that seamlessly integrate photographs and painting, a lot of artists struggle with how to blend the two. For this reason, this tutorial will take color out of the equation and allow you to focus on simple black and white values as we weave our final scene together.

To start out, we will begin to snatch pieces of photographs that are appealing and can be used for our scene. We will learn why these photographs were selected and how we can use them to block in the land masses and some of the architectural elements for our concept. From here we will begin painting to blend things together. We’ll add in some rock structures as well as modify some of the architecture.

Along the way, you’ll pick up some valuable tips for using adjustment layers to modify values and for adding details to our painting that will distract a viewers eye and lead it through the composition. After finishing this course, you will have learned some great tools and techniques for blending photographs seamlessly into your paintings.

1 Introduction and project overview

2 Bringing in major land masses

3 Painting our body of water

4 Blocking in background rock formations

5 Bringing in architectural structures

6 Manipulating architectural structures

7 Fitting our castle to the island

8 Adjusting values and contrast for elements in our scene

9 Painting over architecture

10 Painting in additional architecture

11 Painting trees and foliage

12 Adding subtle detail to background areas

13 Building highway structures

14 Building additional structures

15 Reinforcing lighting on the city

16 Final details and value adjustments


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