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本视频教程是由Lynda机构出品的AutoCAD Plant 3D学习指南视频教程,时长:3小时,大小:360 MB,ISO格式(用虚拟光驱载入或者其他方法),附工程源文件,教程使用软件:AutoCAD Plant 3D,共159章,语言:英语。

AutoCAD(Auto Computer Aided Design)是美国Autodesk公司首次于1982年开发的自动计算机辅助设计软件,用于二维绘图、详细绘制、设计文档和基本三维设计。现已经成为国际上广为流行的绘图工具。AutoCAD具有良好的用户界面,通过交互菜单或命令行方式便可以进行各种操作。它的多文档设计环境,让非计算机专业人员也能很快地学会使用。在不断实践的过程中更好地掌握它的各种应用和开发技巧,从而不断提高工作效率。AutoCAD具有广泛的适应性,它可以在各种操作系统支持的微型计算机和工作站上运行。


AutoCAD® Plant 3D® is a tool for engineers in the power and process industry. Users can build 3D models that are based on, and linked to, process and instrumentation diagrams. Lessons cover adding intelligent symbology to create process and instrumentation diagrams; annotating and validating a P&ID project management tools to help speed up design; 3D modeling tools; analysis tools for optimal system performance; and collaboration tools.

159 lessons

Main Topics:

Getting Started

Working with Projects

Modifying a P&ID

Annotating a P&ID

Creating a 3D Model

Defining Isometric Views

Defining Orthographic Views

Validating a Project

Managing a Project

Customizing Projects

Understanding Project Data

Customizing Tags and Annotation

Understanding Line Segments and Groups

Customizing Project Templates

Publishing and Printing Project Drawings

Using the Report Creator

Using the Spec Editor

Exercise files are included


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