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本游戏资料是个关于Xml驱动的UI框架GUI编辑器扩充Unity游戏素材资源,大小:11.8 MB ,格式:unitypackage,使用软件:Unity,供广大设计师学习使用,语言:英语。

Unity3D是一个让你轻松创作的多平台的游戏开发工具,是一个全面整合的专业游戏引擎。Unity代表了一个质的飞跃——内置的光照贴图(lightmapping)、遮挡剔除(occlusion culling)和调试器。编辑器经过彻底革新,让你可以获得卓越的性能体验。不可思议、无法阻挡的产品已经看到了曙光。

Unity是一款跨平台的游戏开发工具,从一开始就被设计成易于使用的产品。作为一个完全集成的专业级应用,Unity还包含了价值数百万美元的功能强大的游戏引擎。Unity 4作为一个游戏开发工具,它的设计主旨就是让你能够创建令人惊讶的游戏。如果你之前尝试过Unity,请查看Unity 3都做了哪些更新。如果你是第一次尝试,那就好好看看吧,看Unity都能为你带来什么。Unity作为一种开发环境,可让你脱离传统的游戏开发方式,以一种更简单的方式专注于你的游戏开发。开发网络游戏、移动游戏、单机游戏,Unity都能完全胜任。

XmlLayout: Xml-driven UI Framework Editor Extensions GUI

Digital Legacy Games

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 5.4.3 or higher.

XmlLayout is a framework for Unity UI which allows you to develop professional, fully functional user interfaces and UI elements using Xml.

Supports both MVC and (new in v1.18) a new (and completely optional) MVVM approach.

(Please note that the MVVM module does not yet support WebGL, but has been sucessfully tested on Standalone and Android)

▶ Web GL Demo

▶ Online Documentation


• Utilise all of the functionality of UnityGUI through XML

• Supports event-handling, on any element (onClick, onMouseEnter, onMouseExit, onValueChanged, etc.)

• Create and modify elements dynamically at runtime

• Includes Intellisense/Autocomplete support

• Set default values to be used by other elements (e.g. visual styles) in a similar fashion to HTML's CSS

• Easily retrieve form data from multiple elements at once with XmlLayout.GetFormData()

• Create your own custom attributes

• Create your own custom element types

• Compatible with PC, WebGL, and mobile

• Includes TableLayout, a layout group based on HTML tables

• Add tooltips to any element

• Supports Drag & Drop events

• Supports an MVC approach

• New in v1.18 Supports an optional MVVM approach

• Supports PagedRect! (Sold Separately)

• Supports DatePicker! (Sold Separately)

• Full source code included

• Join the reddit community @ /r/XmlLayout/

▶ Web GL Demo

▶ Online Documentation


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