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本插件是由blenderguru机构出品的Pro-Lighting Studio光影照明Blender插件,大小:930 MB,支持Blender软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。


Blender addon blenderguru pro lighting studio

Perfect lighting, reflections and backgrounds in Blender

Pro-Lighting Studio is a Blender addon that helps you produce gorgeous results, with dozens of interesting lighting

suggestions for your model.

Since I’d already exhausted most of the 3d lighting books and tutorials, I decided to turn to the people who rely on

lighting even more than 3d artists do: Photographers.

Unlike us, photographers don’t get brownie points for realism. The only thing that matters to them are the feelings and emotions that it evokes.

So I delved into photography, hoping to find an answer to my burning question: How do photographers create interesting lighting?

I read photography books. Articles. Watched real-time lighting workshops. Attended a night-time photography course. And even paid to visit a photography studio to ask the photographer questions:

I hoped that there would be some secret style-sheet. Maybe a book of foolproof rules that work for every portrait…

What I found though was surprising, yet comforting: photographers actually struggle with lighting just as much as we


There’s no magic bullet.

It’s a painstaking process for experimenting and running trials to find what works.

I learned that the only way to find interesting lighting setups is to experiment.


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