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本插件是由GreyscaleGorilla机构出品的HDRI StudioPack灯光照明预设C4D插件V2.01版,GreyscaleGorilla HDRI StudioPack 2.01 for Cinema4D Win Mac,大小:660 MB,支持Cinema4D软件,支持Win与Mac系统,语言:英语。

GreyscaleGorilla HDRI StudioPack 2.01 for Cinema4D Win Mac

Add perfect Global Illumination lighting and reflections to your scenes with ease with HDRI Studio Pack. Over 70 custom made HDRI studio images and custom HDR rigs were made to light your scenes, animations and products. These HDR Images were captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios so your renders look just like the pros.

*Flicker Free Global Illumination Presets*

In addition to great still renders, you can also get flicker free GI renders using our custom presets for all compatible versions of Cinema 4D including the new R15 renderer. Get great looking Global Illumination animation without slow render times or flickery shadows.



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