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本插件是由Blendernation机构出品的Blender色彩管理预设插件V2.23版,大小:66 MB,支持Blender软件,支持win系统,语言:英语。



Blender Plugin

Color Grading In Record Time

ColorMaster adds a convenient image-based GUI to Blender’s color management tools and over 55 more looks. After you install the looks and choose where to show the ColorMaster panel, you just click the preview and add the look that pleases you. In addition, you have controls for exposure, gamma, and view transform. On top of this, you can create combinations of look, exposure, gamma, and view transform, and then save your setup as a preset for later use.


v1.0 – Initial release

v1.2 – Added other grading tools from color management

v1.5 – Updated the preview images to make them load faster

v1.7 – Added look name captions

v2.0 – Added 55+ looks, left/right buttons and a considerable speed boost.

v2.2 – Added presets and fixed bug where image preview would not update if the look was changed. Also fixed errors with the Rebublic and Kodak Gold 200 looks.



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