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本插件是AE脚本 2D Parallaxer 场景摄像机平移动画运动效果 带使用教程,大小:267 MB,支持AE软件,支持Win/Mac系统,语言:英语。

2D Parallaxer是用于Adobe After Effects创建简单的摄像机平移动画效果,易于使用的脚本。

2D Parallaxer is a script for Adobe After Effects that creates simple side-scrolling animation that is customizable and easy to use.

Create a new composition inside After Effects at the desired size, frame rate and length. Run the script to add 2D Parallaxer to your new comp. Choose between horizontal and vertical parallax and the number of parallaxing layers when setting up your animation. The script creates and organizes the necessary elements in your project file and composition without the use of 3D layers or a camera.


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